My approach to art making is rooted in my design training and the belief that the best solution often comes from the problem itself. Allowing each project to evolve naturally through a process of inquiry, research and immersion, I interpret and distill visual opportunities into solutions that are specific, unique and meaningful. Tempered by a minimalist approach and working primarily in clay, I am a hand builder using, slabs and molds to create both sculptural and functional works. Growing up in the Midwest, I found abandoned buildings, old tools and industrial fittings endless sources of inspiration. My recent work is informed by the effects of mobility and my response to place. Inspired by bridge trusses, industrial castings and USGS survey markers my current abstracted ceramic sculptures reinterpret industrial forms as elegant, refined and ambiguous objects. Seeking balance between the things I can control and those I cannot, I fire my work in both wood and soda kilns bringing an element of chance and the unexpected to my work.

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