Inspired by the Dutch New Year celebration at our home in Voorschoten, The Netherlands.


New Year’s eve 2008 – a beer or three quickly gave way to cocktails. After dinner, shots of grappa seemed like a good idea... “c’mon, one more – chin chin!”. Everything was fine when the first bottle of bubbly was uncorked... Out on the street the town is erupting with the sounds of revelers, fireworks and small explosions. Smoke, haze, mist and the whine of rockets... Voorschoten is burning.

Opa – Skoal –Proost – Cheers...

This series of works was inspired by the New Year’s eve festivities in our home in Voorschoten, The Netherlands. Truly a night of excess when everyone, especially the Dutch, give themselves permission to “cut loose”. Yellow haze fills the night sky, red, blue and violet blazes, magenta dust and spent firecrackers. At the stroke of midnight, text messages and kisses were exchanged with mobile calls and handshakes and mixed with a heavy dose of alcohol and pyromaniacal tendencies. 

In my delirium, I had visions of floating shapes on fields of color. Pulsating ovals and streaks of color filled my vision then the room would spin and tilt forcing the shapes to slide away. Waves of dizziness, sickness and unconsciousness completed my New Year’s revelry. Still, I managed to shoot several short videos of the night which have become the foundation of this work.

I learned some time ago that I can only create works based on my own experiences and emotions. This series is a look at one night and my vision of the New Year.